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Commissions 2015 Price Sheet by ClearWillow

Right now I'm in a bit of a rough spot and due to some unforeseen circumstances, will likely have to take a month off from school. This does free up some time, so I thought I'd open up commissions officially if anyone was interested. In short, I need to keep the bills paid so that when I am able to return to my coursework I actually can. I'm not trying to save up for conventions/vacations/what-have-you; I just want to keep the bills paid up and buy my pets' food each month. Anything extra will help with the other mandatory household stuff and replacing art supplies. With that said, here's what you should know:

- I can only accept payments through Paypal. Priority is placed on the first payments I receive, not the first requests.

- I cannot start work on your request until I receive the full payment; I’ve been burned too many times in the past, I’m sorry.

- Prices listed are starting prices. What the price per request will depend on the specifics of what you want. Say you ask for a “full color of your three OCs with a minimal background”. If they’re dressed to the nines in heavily detailed armor, it will cost more than a high school AU setup.

- The cost of backgrounds/additional characters is a flat rate. Please use your best judgement here. Adding in more details = more time.

- You will receive a 300dpi file only after payment is complete and through the email you’ve contacted me with. It is yours to print out and display, but if you share it online, a credit would be appreciated.

- There is a good chance I will share a smaller, watermarked copy of your commission in my galleries. If this is something you do not wish, simply let me know.

What I will draw:

- Just about anything, actually. What I require are good resources.

- Original characters
- Fanart; keep in mind I cannot replicate a given style, such as Akira Toriyama
- Cars/motorcycles
- Some nudity/gore. Must check with me first and explain exactly what you want. Tasteful is one thing; porn is something else
- Gaia Online avatars, provided you use TekTek’s dream avatar creator and supply the item list

What I won’t draw:

- Animals
- Anything explicit involving violence, sexual situations, or hate crimes
- Mecha
- Anything involving minors that would make your mother cry
- Heavily-filled backgrounds. If it distracts from the characters then it’s too much and I will simplify it.

What next?

- Send me an email at and put something relevant about the request in the subject line please.
- I’ll need your name, your paypal email (if different), and a detailed description of your request. The more you can tell me, the better. Bonus points if you have references you can supply me with. I want to know poses, expressions, which type of art you’re looking at, the whole shebang.
- I’ll look over your request and get back to you with a price and the email address of my Paypal account. As soon as I know the payment is complete, I’ll begin work, so the sooner you can get that done the sooner we can get started.
- I try to keep my people updated on the work regularly. If you’re anxious, you’re welcome to ask about the progress.

And that's about it! If you're just curious or seriously interested don't hesitate to ask me questions. I'll be happy to answer! :)


20 Styles Challenge
It's been a hot minute since I've last been able to work on art, and I found myself in a funk, so what better way to break that funk than with an art challenge?

To be fair - and I'm gonna show my age by admitting this - I have no idea what like...80% of the styles are. I recognize the names, but I know next to nothing about Overwatch or Steven Universe for instance. For "Anime" I chose Dragon Ball since I've recently begun watching Super.

The OC I used for this was my Tolkien-inspired elf, Ithilwen. (More affectionately known to me as MoonMoon because of reasons).

The template is by :iconrascal4488: which you can find here:…
Air Progression
In 2006 I had a bad habit of coordinating hair colors with character outfits. I think it comes from watching a lot of Sailor Moon, because I can easily name 5 bad guys who followed that design pattern. In 2008 I decided to change it to red, which looks good, but it doesn't quite fit the whole persona of Air. This time around, I kept the white-ish base but added more blond. I reworked the dress to make it feel more appropriate to the character, because I wanted her to be more kick-ass than have a J-Lo neckline.
Mighty Little Lions
One of the big reasons that I've been absent from most everywhere online last year was because I was completing student teaching. I was extremely fortunate to complete my student teaching at the elementary school that I attended, and even more so to have an amazing host teacher. I got to teach 2nd grade, and the mascot for the school is a lion. :)

 Before I was even halfway through student teaching, I knew I wanted to do something for these kids. So one day during recess, I started sketching one of the students. It kept me in practice and it proved a challenge. I meant for it to be a surprise, but a few students caught on and were amazed.

Then it became a thing where they'd stop by my desk and ask "Ms. Wiseman, who are you drawing today?" As long as they could keep the details a secret, they could see what their peers looked like, but they never saw theirs until my final day at the school. I printed each out on card stock and signed the backs, so each student got a "trading card" of themselves. This picture was put together for my host teacher.

From the top going right: Adam, Bryson, Kamryn, Luke, Ryder, Sarah, Jayden, Azan, Larkin, Enzo, Jackson
Bottom row going right: Chloe, Isam, Meiana, Mossiy, Hailey, Jesus, Hannah, Emerson, Allyson, Kenleigh, Ainsleigh
Earth Progression
What a difference 12 years makes!

In 2006 I met a local comic artist who encouraged me to really expand on my original designs. I can remember him telling me that he really liked the ideas that I had for Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This was also about the time when I started to steer myself away from drawing with an anime style.

In 2008 I found these four drawings again and cringed something awful. The idea was good, but it needed work. I had come across Mucha's nouveau style and was fascinated with the composition. Aside from a few color choices and placement, I didn't move far away from the original design.

In 2017 I started the sketch for Earth. I wanted something more dynamic, more ass-kicker. I wanted her to be pretty, but I also wanted to see her tap into her roots (get it XD) and finish some shit someone started. I wanted this one to be a digital coloring, because there wasn't much I could do differently in colored pencils. She's not as "dynamic" as I originally planned, but I was more surprised to find that it had been almost 10 years since the 2nd generation was made.


If you're just starting out, or if you've hit a slump and don't think you'll improve, look back on your old work. You have improved. It may take having to put your work side by side, but you're growing. :)


Carra Leigh (Wiseman)
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States



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